This is about the transcribed vital records of specific Donauschwaben villages in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Döröscke, Igal, Somogy, Hungary

Moragy, Völgység, Tolna, Hungary

Hrastovac, Daruvar, Poscheg, Austro-Hungary

RáczKozár, Hegyhát, Baranya, Hungary

Ecseny, Igal, Somogy, Hungary

5 thoughts on “About

    1. Carol:

      My family is attached to Henrich Tewich, born 29 June 1870, through Diesbergers. An Elisabeth Miller who married a Henry Diesberger November 1960 is a blood relative.

      Wally Schlegel


  1. Carol says:

    Hi Wally, it’s a small world. Henry Diesberger, Elisabeth Miller’s husband, is my 2nd cousin. Heinrich Tewich is my great grandfather. I have been working on the family tree and haven’t been able to go any further back than my great grandparents. Would I be able to use the same source in Utah that you did to find out more about who my ancestors were?
    Kind regards


  2. Robert Sprenger says:

    Hi Wally, we had email contact in 2011. You found all my relatives from father site in Nagyhajmás, Hungary and at last you have found out, that we both are 8th cousins. Great job and thx for all.


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