Moragy, Völgység, Tolna, Hungary

The vital records for Moragy, as recorded by the reformed church in the village, cover the years 1783 to 1895.  This information is available on four microfilms through the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The following links constitute an index of essential names, dates and locations as transcribed from the original.  The church records include, principally, the vital records for the reformed congregation of Moragy, Apati, Alsonana, Mocseny and Zsibrik.  Where no place name is given in the record, the assumption is that either no place name was mentioned or that the place name was Moragy.  More detailed information (occupation, cause of death, godparents, witnesses to marriages and confirmation) is available in the actual church record. Where duplicate records exist, the entry is a composite of the information available on both records.

Some records prior to 1783 can be found in the evangelical records of Kismanyok, film 631059, under the heading of Moratz or Moracs, not Moragy.  As well, some of the early records are in the catholic record books of Cziko, films 601203 and 601205, or Bataszek, film 601052.  Names of Moragy residents, regardless of religious affiliation, should also be searched for on the microfilm records of

  • Alsonana, films 630951, 1793974 (item 2), 1793975 (item 1)
  • Apati, films 630959, 630960, 1794106 (item 3), 1794107, 1794108, 1923627 (item 4)
  • Mocseny and Zsibrik, film 630961
  • Civil records for 1895 to 1903 are found on microfilms 1792997 (items 5-6), 1792998 (items 1-5)


  • 0622802                      births, marriages, deaths 1783-1895
  • 1921940 (item 3)         births, marriages, deaths 1827-1831
  • 1921941                      births, marriages, deaths 1832-1884
  • 1921838                      births, marriages, deaths 1884-1895

This website contains an index for the following:

0622802m       marriages from 1783-1895 (composite)

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